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How to deal with the situation that lenses always fog easily in winter?

fog lenses
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  • Sarah


    Removing your eyeglasses of pesky foggy film is manageable. Here are some tips I usually do: 1. Add anti-fog coating on your lenses; 2. Use anti-fog wipes, sprays, or creams; 3. Clean your glasses with a dab of shaving foam or cream.
  • Emily White


    One way to avoid the problem of glasses fogging altogether is to consider getting contact lenses. Most contact lenses today are disposable and available for all types of vision problems, including presbyopia that requires bifocal or multifocal lenses. If contact lenses won’t work for you or if you just really prefer glasses, you could have your glasses treated with anti-fog coating. 
  • Pitter Brown


    As we all knw that water vapor from your breath changes into moisture, as it gets trapped onto the cold surface of your glasses. By wearing your glasses slightly further from your face, air can flow move quickly between your skin and lenses such that the amount of heat difference decreases.