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Jordan Brown


Can I get pink eye from shampoo in my eye?

A little bit shampoo got into my eyes and my eyes appear red right now. Are that pink eyes? Can I get pink eye from shampoo in my eye?
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  • handsomestudgw


    Of course, you can get pink eyes from shampoo. Generally speaking, shampoo can infect your eyes, and make your eyes become pink eyes, for shampoo are made of chemicals. And chemicals can be the irritants to your eyes, when they invade into your eyes. Pink eyes are an infection of the eye or eyes which can lead to redness, itching, irritation, and a characteristic creamy discharge in your eyes. So your eyes turn to red. For your situation, it can be fine. You can wash your eyes with clean water carefully, and then drop some eye drops, the redness can disappear.
  • gary


    If you don't have contact with eyes secretion of pink eyes patient indirectly or directly,and only pure shampoo water enters into your eyes, it won't produce the pink eye. So I think you have no pink eye. If shampoo into eyes, you can use amount of top water to wash. I hope it can help you!
  • elite_couture


    Of course not, so pls no worries. As usual, when the shampoo gets into your eyes, you should use the tap water to clean your eyes and get rid of the shampoo. If you found that your eyes are red after the shampoo gets into your eyes, that are because when the shampoo appears in your eyes, you will not helping use hands to rub your eyes, then your eyes will become red. At most occasion, after cleaning, you can close your eyes letting them have a rest. Then your eyes will become normal. Nevertheless, I strongly suggest you be careful and try your best to avoid the shampoo getting into your eyes. Because if you let the shampoo get into your eyes many times, then to a certain degree, there will be some bacteria left behind. You will get the result that your eyes will get infected.

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