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Can contacts cause subconjunctival hemorrhage?

My eyes got subconjunctival hemorrhage. My mom said it is because i often wear contact lenses. Is that true? Can contacts cause subconjunctival hemorrhage?
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  • cmg6891


    Subconjunctival hemorrhage is caused by capillary blood vessel in front of eye ball breaking. The blood congealed between conjuctival and the eye ball, which makes your eyes red. There are many and complicated reasons for subconjunctival hemorrhage. We can't tell if it is caused by the contact lenses or not. Now you'd better not to wear contact lensens until it healed. If wear the contact lenses, you should shorten the time in case make it worse. Don't wear color contact lensens for more than 8 hours per day. Hope you could get better soon.
  • Cassidy campbell


    Well, it all depends, as a matter of fact, some people are not originally supposed to wear contacts due to their inborn situation. Generally speaking, you will not get subconjunctival hemorrhage due to wearing contacts. However, if the contacts are not properly put on, or kept and cleaned, then you are potentially going to get subconjunctival hemorrhage. So, you gotta be very careful and pay a lot of attention to the contacts and your eyes. In that sense, contacts are not convenient.
  • Benji


    Actually, your illness would be caused by wearing contact lenses, if you have a bad habit of wearing contact lenses. Because bad habit would lead to eye infection, which can bring about the subconjunctival hemorrhage. I think you should stop wearing contact lenses at present if your illness has not be cured.

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