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Can I fly with a detached retina?

I know that detached retina is a very serious eye problems. And my doctor said that i am in high risks of detached retina because of high myopia. But i often fly for business. I wonder if i can fly with a detached retina?
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  • Ieff


    You'd better not always fly for businees. You must know that retina needs to be attached to the pigment epithelium to survive and work properly because retinal detachment casue the retinal layers separates from the retinal pigment epithelium. So retinal detachment can result in the loss of some, even all the vision in your eye if a retinal detachment still keep separate and without any medical treatment on it. Just like you said, detached retina is a very serious eye problems.
  • Shavonda D


    Absolutely not, you cannot fly with a retinal detachment, the retina is a light sensitive part of the eye and therefore its detachment from the inner lining of the eye will affect proper functioning of the eye. For your case, high degree of myopia has high risk of getting the retinal detachment, as your doctor said. Hence, a retinal reattachment surgery is highly recommended to you to prevent eyesight loss. And before and after this surgery, you should not take any plane to avoid any unexpected condition.
  • Kyle


    Well, so sorry to see that you have high myopic, actually, you need to take care of your eyes just in case of retinal detachment, which is quite a serious disease. So, if you have got retinal detachment, you will be advised not to take a plane, because the pressure in the cabin would do some damage to your eyes and your body conditions are not good. However, after a few months, maybe you are good to go.