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Kelly Dalton


Why do people experience sensitivity to bright light after cataract surgery?

I got cataracts and plan to take a cataracts surgery. I search some information online and i find some people said that they feel sensitive to bright light after the surgery. Why? What caused it?
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  • Christopher giles


    So sorry to hear that anyway, so it is true that people will be sensitive to sunshine and light after taking cataract surgery, this is due to the fact that your retinal is quite fragile and need some tears to keep moist. So, once you start to shed tears, try to wipe away the tears with clean handkerchiefs and avoid touching your eyes, let alone rubbing them. It is the eyes' vulnerability that caused sensitivity to sunshine, but that is quite normal.
  • Kimberly quick


    Well, generally speaking, for some people who have taken the surgery, it is possible to have this symptom, for their eyes are infected. As we know that there are many reasons which can lead to sensitivity to lights. And it's a symptom of many different diseases, disorders, problems and conditions. But you should know that an infection or inflammation that irritates the eyes can cause photophobia. After the surgery, your eyes are very sensitive and fragile, and it is easy for your eyes to be infected. So once they are infected, it can cause the sensitivity to lights. So you should take some measures to protect them and speed up the recovery of your eyes. For example, you should not have some heavy exercises, and irritants can be harmful too. Besides, sensitivity to lights can be a symptom of an underlying disease such as a viral illness or a severe headache or migraine. So you can ask some advices from doctor.
  • Kyle owen


    Cataract surgery is common, many surgeon can do it successfully. But, you must pay attention to the eyes' care. Intensive care after the operation is very important for the recovery. The reason of it that your eyes have become more sensitive after surgery. I recommand you to wear a pair of sunglasses.