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Faith cook


Does wearing glasses make my nose look bigger?

I was recently diagnosed with myopia and need prescribed glasses. But my friend said that glasses make my nose look bigger? Can wearing glasses make nose look bigger? Why?
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  • Shannon


    Actually, it depends on personal face shape and the styles you wear. Some glasses are designed with a big size so that they can cover half your face. However, they make your face smaller than ever. If you wanna wear glasses to make your nose bigger, Hisper glasses may do you a favor. By the way, Hisper glasses become new fashion trend around the world and this brand is famous for high technology and superior materials and creative designers.
  • Andrea


    Yeah, actually, there is no clear approval suggesting that wearing glasses will make your nose bigger, so pls just relax yourself. On the contrary, wearing glasses will make your nose appears bigger or smaller, and the result will depend on the style and the frame of your eyeglasses. As we all know that if the glasses you wear are big enough, then you nose will looker smaller than the one without glasses. Of course, if your eyeglasses are small, your nose will appear bigger. As a matter of the fact, you should not trust your friend's words that wearing the eyeglasses will make your eyes bigger than before. If your friend really thinks so, I want to say it is caused because of the psychobiological process.
  • Jack percy


    Actually, it depends on the size of the frames. If they are larger, they'll make your nose appear smaller. If they are smaller, they'll make your nose appear bigger. It has nothing to do with the brand of glasses. So, if you want to wear a suitable glasses, you should choose an appropriate glasses.
  • Deborah Bakenhus


    want to reshape your nose?? Okay then try nose right tool which is reshape your nose.

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