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Elijah leslie


What is home remedy for wrinkles under eyes?

I get some wrinkles under my eyes. Can you tell me some home remedies that help me reduce wrinkles?
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  • Aaron


    The wrinkles under the eyes are a natural part of aging, there are some home remedies can be used for treating this condition. Maybe some herbs are helpful for smooth skin, like Spirulina, it can reduce fine lines and scars. Rosemary and horsetail helps smooth texture, strengthen and tone the skin. And you can dab a few drops around the eye area with a gentle touch carefully. Or you can utilize oils that found in kitchen to help moisturize, coconut, castor and olive are all good effective alternatives. Additionally, you can place cool cucumbers slices over your eyes for 10 minutes to help tighten skin.
  • Ana clive


    LOL, I understand and know you that want to clear the wrinkles, however, before considering any home remedies for wrinkles under eyes, first of all, you should get to the root of the problem. As usual, you can have a try with the egg white, which is the best home remedy for wrinkles under eyes. I have tried many times. Yeah, I know it is a little to get the egg white, so if you want to get the simple way, you can realize your dream by the minimum Vitamin E. You can just add two tablespoons of nutritious pail yoghurt, half a teaspoon of homey and half a teaspoon of lemon juice with the minimum Vitamin E into the small bowl or glass. Then use the mixture to your wanted place with the cotton ball, then you will get the surprising result. Of course, there are some other home remedies for the wrinkles under the eyes, such as the cream. Also you can drink more water at daily life to keep your skin moist and hydrated all the time
  • walkaboutpnw


    Yes, of course you can. Actually, Instead of battling wrinkles with expensive creams and medical procedures, you can try these natural remedies by yourself at home. There are four ways: First, cover your face of several egg whites which are whipped up, and sit down to have a rest for 15 minutes. After that wash your face with warm water in order to keep the natural B and E vitamins, which are really useful for wrinkles. Second, use some moisture-locking lotion to give your face massage for a few minutes, especially the part under your eyes. Third, fruits and vegetables. Vitamins A and D which is exist largely in fresh fruits and vegetables helps to smooth face. Eat them as much as possible. Forth, don't forget lemon juice and natural olive oil. Use the lemon juice and olive oil to give the wrinkle part a massage, which will aid to brighten your face and reduce wrinkle.