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Zach Stultz


Tired/Stoned looking eyes after 8hrs of sleep?

Hi, I'm 21 and I always look tired for some reason. I can get any amount of sleep and still look tired. This has started to become a big insecurity of mine because anyone new I meet gets the impression that I'm stoned when in reality I don't even smoke. I'm also a heavy computer user, I would say around 4-5hrs each day. But I've had tired looking eyes for so long. I don't know if the solution is less computer and using eyedrops or what. I'm starting to think I have ptosis. Although I'm looking back at old photos from when I was younger and my eyes opened up more, but now I feel like they droop just enough to give the impression to others that I'm high and I'm tired of people getting that impression. Sorry for the long question, hope you can help me :(

P.s. I've included an Imgur of a picture of me having gotten 8 1/2hrs of sleep and I still look tired!
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  • Maggie


    Hi, less computer using is recommended. You can order a pair of computer glasses with blue-light blocking lens. Computer glasses have light yellow/brown tinted lenses to block out blue light radiating from your electronic devices.