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why are computer screens bad for your eyes?

My mom told me that not read too much at computer. It is really bad for the eyes. Really? Why computer screens are bad for the eyes?
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  • Daniel christian


    It is said that computer screens are bad to our eyesight. I think it is true. The computer reflections are bad to our eyes. The glare of the computer will do bad to our eyes too. So we should not spend long time on computers. But nowadays many people have to work in front of computers for a long time. They usually choose to wear computer glasses when they are working, because this will reduce the side effect of reflections and glare.
  • Diane Bradstock


    I think it is impossible to use computer in our daily life. But long time of using computer do really bring side effect to our eyes. Computer screens are too near to our eyes and have reflections and glare. computer glasses are created to prevent damage from reflections and glare of computer screens. If you want to buy a pair of computer glasses, you can search free glasses on the internet. You can also use artificial tears to moisten your eyeball when you are using computers.