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Jocelyn griffin


How to relieve itchy watery eyes?

I got itchy and watery eyes. And i don't know what exactly cause it? I guess it may be caused by reading too much on iphone. Anyway, What should i do now to stop it?
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  • Brittany dale


    I think you may get dry eye and itching eyes from reading too much on iphone. But as to watery eye, you may get a cold or an infection, because my grandma often has watery eyes when she gets a cold. You can use some artificial tears to relieve your symptoms and do not rub your eyes, because rubbing your itching eyes may cause red eyes or infections.
  • crystaljade


    Dear friend, if you don't know what caused your itching and watery eyes, you can consult your eye doctor and have your eyes examined. But I think your symptoms might be caused by your long time of reading on iphone. I suggest you to take a break every half an hour and look at the distance for a while.

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