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Do they have some sunglasses protection?

Hi, I wanted to know if the sunglasses sold in stores like zara inditex white, Stradivarius, Berskha ....?are of very poor quality or have some protection
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  • 04/12/2012

    good quality lenses have to have 100% UV protection and many now also bring anti-glare protection for your comfort and eye health.?What I recommend is to go to the optics of your confidence and ask people with the machine to measure the degree of protecti
  • 04/14/2012

    Look, if you buy one of those rebaratas that sell on the street, chances are bigger that you damage the eye, but if shopping in a pharmacy or a business I do not think glasses make you wrong.?You have a good reason, I also heard that that the glasses are
  • Adam


    I have never placed an order from those online stores or bought a pair of sunglasses in their physical shops. So I don't know the quality of their sunglasses. You'd better have a look by yourself. If there is some tag such as UV protection on the arm of the sunglasses or on the description, they are UV protection.
  • handril


    Sometimes a pair of sunglasses with UV protection can't suggest that they are of good quality. Once I bought a pair of sunglasses, I broken the arm of the sunglasses the first time I tried them on. What's wrong with my sunglasses? Is it because of my big head? Oh! No! This doesn't make sense. This pair of sunglasses is definitely of poor quality. I have a refund and I won't buy glasses in that store anymore.
  • cocky_bitch


    I think the sunglasses sold by them are quite good. You can have a try. Sometimes different kinds of sunglasses have different prices. Usually more expensive the sunglasses are, they are better. But not all the sunglasses follow this rule. Some seller will set the prices by their likes and dislikes. And there isn't a big price gap between the cost of the sunglasses. The sellers just want to make money so that they set different prices.

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