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C. Taylor


Puzzling problem

Hi, It doesn't say there's a charge for answering questions. If there is, then please ignore what I've written. If there is no charge to answer a question, I have a question. I've worn contact lens for about 20 years and have never had a problem with seeing things close up, ie, reading a book. Then, in the last year I found I needed reading glasses in order to do so. This would not be puzzling seeing that, as people age, they may find they cannot see close and need reading glasses except for the fact that I can see close very very well if I take my lens out, I just can't see far. My understanding of needing reading glasses is that, with no contact lens in and no other aids, if the person needs reading glasses, it would indicate it by the person not being able to see things clse, but it doesn't for me when I have no contact lens in. I can see close fine without any lens in, it's just when I put my lens in that I can't see close now. I used to. I got a pair of reading glasses that augment the strength of my lens and it works fine for seeing close but I can't use them for seeing far so it can't be that I need an increased strength all round in my lens strength. What's puzzling is that everything indicates that I need reading glasses when I have my contact lens in but when I take them out, I don't need reading glasses. What is the problem here? Any clarification as to what may be happening would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  • Fari Tackaberry


    Your description is too complicated pituitary puzzling me. It seems that you have no problem to see near, but have problem to see far. If so, you are not presbyopia caused aging problems. Instead, you probably suffered from myopia (or nearsighted )have problem to see far. To make sure, you'd better take an eye examination. Then, the doctor will give your an prescription which can tell you what vision problems you exactly have so as to buy proper eyeglasses for you to correct vision.