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What to do if glass gets in your eye ?

I have a pair of rimless eyeglasses, i just get the eyeglasses lenses into the eyes by accident, Is it Ok for my eyes? My eyes feel hurt. What shall i do?
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  • Werner


    It is normal to feel pain in the eyes after you get eyeglasses lenses into your eyes. You can check your eyes if they are red, or something very bad condition. If your eyes are readlly bad hurt, it may cause scracthes of your eyeball or corneal. It is really serious. you shall get help from an eye doctor.
  • Danielle lewis


    It doesn't matter if you are not push the lenses into eyes too har in your eyes. You may feel uncomfortable. But after a while, your eyes will feel better. I have such bad experience,too. I feel really hurt at the time when i get the eyeglasses in the eyes. But lucikly, i didn't get serious hurt. So, don't worry, keep calm and check your eyes. Hope you will be Ok soon.