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Has anyone know that is there some recourse/warranty referring to progressive lenses ?

A few weeks ago, I bought my progressives and I'd like them to help with my reading. There was mention that you need to turn your head more for computer use.However, they are terrible. There is a very small slot of focus straight ahead and even the sides of my PC screen are blurry if I do not turn my head. So I go back today and the optometrist says that she mentioned the effect of the lenses but certainly there was no discussion about a profoud loss of peripheral vision. Also there is a 'warranty' (so I found out) which is basically means they will give you normal lenses for 'free' if the progressive ones dont work out. Progressive lenses were $400 and the normal ones are usually $120 so its hardly reasonable. And why have a warranty anyway if your lenses are unlikely to give problems....?
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  • Isabel fergus


    Progressive lenses normally do have distortion at the side. It is just something that comes with the manufacturing of the lenses and you can't get rid of it. You have to learn to adapt by turning your head more and eventually, you will get used to it. Some people just find that they can't get used to progressives and just go back to having a separate pair of readers or distance glasses.If you're doing a lot of work on the computer, maybe you should just consider computer glasses instead? They specifically tailored for working at the computer.
  • Kaylee peters


    I don't know where you got your progressives from but I know at some places they have various types of progressive lenses. Essentially, the higher quality lenses have less distortion at the side so you can focus more in the periphery, but distortion is never completely eradicated and you will have always have some left.Another problem might be that the measurements weren't taken properly, which is why you may find that you have difficulties focussing. Sometimes even 1 or 2 mm off in the measurements can have an effect on how you see in progressives. Also, maybe the frame you chose may have also played a role in your loss in peripheral vision? If you had a relatively small frame, then you will lose quite a bit of peripheral vision.I think that's a bit drastic, many people have issues with progressives all the time. Some people will adapt to progressives better than others and some may not really notice the loss in peripheral vision at all and you usually can get a refund or a lens change to see if it works any better for you.
  • hands_down360


    Regarding to your question, if you have a special type of eyeglass lens-such as a progressive lens that can be difficult for some wearers to get used to-the lens manufacturers typically guarantee you a replacement in a lined bifocal or single-vision lens at no additional charge. Usually, if you need to make that switch, there is no refund between the (generally higher) cost of the progressive lenses and the (generally lower) cost of other types of lenses, but at least you will have lenses you can use comfortably.