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How can i get black contact lenses if I have a good vision?

Everytime i go to order them they ask for a power or the contact lenses. Where can i get them without that question or what do i put there? I don't wear glasses.
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  • evil_bastardpdx


    I think the best place is online stores which will leave out these boresome questions .There should be non-prescription contacts for people who have perfect vision but still want them as decoration . If you don't know what kind of contacts you need ,they will have suggestions for you .
  • Rebecca


    Actually, it is essential for you to get a prescription to buy ether prescription contacts or non-prescription contacts. This is to make sure the safety of your eyes. However, if you do not want to get a presctipion, you can find some contacts from novelty shops, beauty salons or online shop. Hope this helpful.
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