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Can eyestrain cause ear pain?

I know that eye strain can cause a lot of symptoms, but what I just want to know that if it also includes ear pain. I really can' t stand my ear pain any longer.
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  • Kyle kirk


    It may not be possible that your ear pain was caused by your eye strain. If your ears are continuously painful, it may be that you get tympanitis or auriculo temporal nerve syndrome, and you should go to the doctor's for examination and treatment as soon as possible, in case that the condition s get worse and you get weakened hearing. As to your eye strain, you should pay attention not to overuse your eyes. You should take adequate rest and sleep every day. Do not eat irritative foods which will irritate your ears and eyes, such as spicy foods, ice cream, and so on. Do not smoke or drink, either. Eat more vegetables and fruits to supplement nutrients to your eyes. Use some eye drops to relieve the fatigue in your eyes.
  • b3hind_blu_eyes


    Well, yes, in my opinion, eye strain can just lead to ear pain. Generally speaking, as we know that eye strain can be kind of annoying for many people, for it can just cause some symptoms in the eyes, such as red eyes, sore eyes, even pink eyes. Also, watery eyes and dry eyes can be possible too. But on the other hand, some experts have reported that eye strain can just affect ear, leading to some problems in the ear. For example, because of eye strain, it will just affect the nerve system of ear. In that way, your ear will be strain too. Finally, ear pain can be possible.

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