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What makes gas permeable lenses different from normal soft contacts?

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  • Cary


    Gas permeable contacts were first introduced in the late 1970s, they are actually a newer technology than soft lenses. Most GP lenses incorporate silicone, which makes them more flexible than PMMA. And silicone is oxygen permeable, so oxygen can pass through GP lenses, resulting in greater comfort and better eye health. In fact, gas permeable contacts transmit more oxygen to the eye than do traditional soft contact lenses (although some silicone hydrogel soft lenses are comparable to GP lenses in oxygen transmission). RGP lenses also provide better vision, durability, and deposit resistance than soft contact lenses. And because they last longer than soft lenses, they can be less expensive in the long term.
  • Dazza


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  • walkingwounde_d


    As I know that gas permeable contacts are made of special materials which allow oxygen enter your eyes and let your eyes breath. GP contacts provide superior optic and you do not need to refocus while blinking, because they are firm. However, the soft contacts will distort when you are blink,which can be annoying if you're reading, or detrimental to your performance if you're driving or participating in sports. However, GP contacts require a short adaption period, soft lenses are comfortable from just about the moment you put them on. So you can take advantage of GP contacts. GP contacts are comfortable, more durable, easier and less expensive to care for, healthier, and provide crisper vision.Hope this helpful.