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What causes eye floaters and spots?

I have a few eye floaters and spots in my vision. What’s wrong with my eye? Can you tell me what will cause this? How to cure this?
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  • Jacqueline warren


    I think many people have a few eye floaters. We can see them especially when you look at something bright, such as white paper or the blue sky. Don't worry. a few eye floaters generally don't interfere with your eyesight. Light can be a factor that causes eye floaters, but it tends to occur only in certain types of light. Many people learn to live with them and often ignore them.
  • Melanie


    I am suffering from the similar symptoms as you are. I had my eyes examined last week, my doctor told me that eye floaters are usually caused by small flecks of a protein that is called collagen. And as we age, the light-sensitive tissue in the back of the eye is not so sensitive. It causes the symptoms of eye floaters. It often occurs between ages 50 and 75. If you only have a few eye floaters, it does not indicate a serious eye problem. And the doctor told me that benign eye floaters never require medical treatment.

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