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How eyesight deteriorates with age ?

Many people said that eyesight will deteriorate with age. But my father said that he has very good eyesight. I can't see the people in the distance clearly while he can do that. But he has some difficulty in reading books now. But it never happened before. Why?
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  • Jerry H.


    Kid, our eyesight will deteriorate with age. Your father just gets the presbyopia which is a kind of vision problem that often occurs among older people. Patients with presbyopia can see the things in the distance clearly while cannot see things nearby. You can take your father to have an eye exam. If he needs a pair of glasses you can buy it for him timely.
  • crystaljade


    When we get older, many organs of our body cannot function as well as before. In the past we can take in enough nutrients for our eyes, while now we cannot do that. The long term use of our eyes makes the muscles and blood vessels cannot do their jobs. Our eyesight deteriorates as time passes. That's why we should take our old parents to have eye exams yearly.
  • Spartacus Hawke


    With age most of us experience a loss of flexibility in the lenses of our eyes which makes it harder to focus up close for things like reading. I still have 20/10 (L) and 20/13 (R) vision (20/20 is considered normal or average). This is considered very good eyesight and has nothing to do with near or farsightedness. Yet each year I have to get a stronger pair of reading glasses. I've heard there are artificial replacements but they are pricey and NO ONE is taking a scalpel to my eyes! I'm hoping to get some bi or tri focal glasses I can wear all the time and not have to keep track of so many pair.

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