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How to get rid of puffy eyes from drinking?

I often get puffy eyes from drinking. Can you tell me how to get rid of puffy eyes?
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  • Patricia


    First, you may need to reduce the amount of consumption; second, you can reduce the times of alcohol consumption; third, you may need to buy some eye creams or skin care product to treat with your puffy eyes and swollen face as well. I think the guys who often take alcohol will get bags under their eyes more quickly than those who do not take alcohol.
  • Kevin


    Alcohol lowers anti-diuretic hormones in your body so it will lead to puffy eyes. But the puffiness will go away on its own after the levels of anti-diuretic hormones normalize. You can wash your eyes with cold water. Cold water can relieve puffiness around your eyes as well as your swollen face.
  • chris R


    There are many ways to relieve your puffy eyes. You can have a look at How to bring down a swollen face and eyes from drinking too much alcohol? Besides, you can apply a facial mask to help with your puffy eyes and refresh your tired looking as well.
  • Werner


    I have seen there are so many related questions below the answers. You can have a look first. I think they are enough for you to relieve your puffy eyes. While I think the best way is to drink less alcohol so that you won't have puffy eyes the next time. Besides, too much consumption of alcohol is bad for your health but moderate drinking will increase the blood circulation of your body which is good for your health. Good luck!
  • Ana


    You can have a look at How to reduce puffy eyes with cucumber juice and slices? I think cucumbers can works with your puffy eyes. And this kind of home remedy is easy to find and it is also very useful. I have tried that so I suggest you to have a try.
  • Terrie Walker


    eyes were red after a glass of white wine and they are puffy