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Sharon Field


what causes a cold in your eyes?

I have a cold in my eyes. I don't even know what causes this. Can you tell me?
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  • walker8016


    I have a cold in my eyes too. My eyes are beet red, goopy, and itchy. I want to rub them, but my doctor told me not to rub them. And my doctor also told me that this was caused by a kind of virus. She gave me some eye drops to treat with my cold symptoms. I think you may need to see an eye doctor too. Good luck!
  • Lex


    I heard that you can use parsley to treat with your symptoms. It is a kind of garnish that you often see on your plate. And it is also a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. You can buy fresh parsley in the vegetable section of any grocery store. Your eyes will feel better after getting an AHH relief. you just need to boil the fresh parsley leaves in water and then make a parsley tea. you can flush your eyes with the liquid after it is cool. Hope this helped!
  • george


    I heard that "I had a cold" from time to time. But I never heard that "I had a cold in my eyes". How can you get a cold in your eyes? I am a little confused. But I think maybe you mean you have a cold, and there are many eye symptoms caused by the cold. If you mean that, you can treat with your cold and then the eye symptoms will go away on its own quickly. Wish you will be fine soon! Good luck!
  • Christopher dale


    "A cold in the eyes" can be called "pink eye" too. Doctor takes this condition as conjunctivitis. If the people are suffering from a cold, they may suffer from a cold in their eyes. Don't worry. People often suffer from red and itchy eyes, sometimes they may have watery eyes and discharges in the corner of their eyes. the best way is to treat with the cold and apply some eye drops to relieve the irritated eyes at the same time. Hope this helped!
  • Rebecca


    Viral conjunctivitis is highly contagious and is caused by a virus such as the common cold or herpes simplex virus. Eye discharge associated with viral pink eye typically is clear and watery, but may include a white or light yellow mucus component.
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