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Logan hall


Are higher water content contact lenses better?

When i plane to buy contact lenses, my friend recommend me higher water content contact lenses. Are higher water content contact lenses better?
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  • Mackenzie raphael


    As a matter of fact, that kind of contact lenses are better than ordinary contact lenses. Because generally speaking, one of the side effects of wearing contacts is dry eyes, and by wearing this type of contacts, you eyes will be much more moist and feel much more comfortable, thus less problems will arise. So, you have to carefully choose what are suitable for you.
  • david


    The moisture content of the lenses is the index of contact glasses' water keep level. It's the proportion of the water's weight vs the total weight of lens. If your eyes always feel dry, you have to choose the suitable moisture content of lenses. The high moisture content will be comfortable at the beginning but feel dry after long time's use especially before the computer. So you must blink your eyes or drop some artificial tears to release the conditions of dry eyes. The higher water contents contact lenses will be more easier for you to feel dry of eyes. If you really want to take the higher water contents ones, the daily disposable contact lenses may suit you better, it basically is the high oxygen and water contain modes while no need to worry about the protein precipitation which would lead to disease of infection or inflammation. It greatly enhances the comfortable and oxygen penetrating. It changes every day to keep the moisture before the loss in long time periods. So it no needs to worry about the dry eyes problem in short time use.
  • ELLIOTT Wallace


    Talking about the water content of the contact lenses, it is not to say the high water content is better. Although the high water content will provide your eyes more water, this kind of contact lenses will be so soft which will be easily broken if you don't deal with it carefully. However, you just base on your own needs and favors to choose one.

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