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leigh sehr


How Do You Know If You Have Pink Eye or Just Allergies?

I have red and itchy eyes. I have applied some eye drops for several days. But the symptom doesn't go away. I used this kind of eye drop to cure my pink eye last time. But it doesn't work this time. Why? Is it an eye allergy or pink eye? Can you tell me?
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  • Jacqueline warren


    Dear friend, how can you apply eye drops before knowing what kind of problems you may have? Oh, you just did as my father usually do. It takes me a long time to persuade him to see a doctor before applying any medicines. You can apply some artificial tears to moisten your eyes. And do not rub your irritated eyes at this moment. Pink eye and eye allergies may have the same symptoms so we must treat them carefully. If you applied the wrong medicine, it cannot help with your problems but delay the most effective treat time and make your situation goes worse.
  • Ariana oliver


    Pink eye and eye allergies may have some same symptoms, so I suggest you to see an eye doctor first immediately. Many people will apply visine eye drops to relieve their red eyes, but I suggest you not to apply this kind of eye drop for it is not really that great and sometimes it will make your eyes red and the irritation may go worse. Artificial tears are a kind of genteal mild drop that are applied to dry eyes, and op-con eye drops are good for redness. You can put some chilled teabags on your closed eyes. This will help with your puffy eyes and calm down the inflammation.
  • Emili


    When i watch Laptop screen for one hour than my eyes becomes red.