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John clark


Can red eyes be permanent?

I noticed that my eyes are red for several days. Why? How long does it take to clear my eyes? Or can the red eyes be permanent in the rest of my life?
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  • Kimberly


    You should be rational when facing your red eyes. It cannot be lasted for a long time. The red eyes, also known as bloodshot eyes, can occur due to many different reasons, for example, the illness, injury, diseases or other reasons. However, it normally occurs due to hyperemia of the superficial blood vessels of the conjunctiva, sclera or the episclera. But you also have the way to get rid of the redness. You should bring down your blood pressure as soon as possible and the redness should disappear. If the redness still persist, you can use the following ways: taking Vitamin A and B will be helpful for your vision, spinach and lutein contained carotenoid is good to eye or use raspberry leaves to make tea and when cool, soak a piece of cotton and apply it to the eye. Take it easy!
  • enternalhate


    red eyes won't permanent for eyes. Usually, we may get red eyes because of tired, strain eyes and angry. And it will clear after a good rest. Besides, eye allergies, eye infection can also cause red eyes. And usually, it will be cured after a week if you treat it well. That is to say, even if you got allergy or pink eyes, the red of eyes can also be clear after a week.
  • Danai P.


    In medicine, red eye is a non-specific term to describe an eye that appears red due to illness or injury. Red eye are most commonly due to bacteria and virtues infection. You can easily heal them by some home remedies. For instance, keep eyes relax, that is, do not read too much or play computer in a long time. No any rubbing on eyes when you feel pain and itchy, even burning. Photophobia, ocular pain may occur during your red eye. Broadly, red eye can be healed by medicines and basic eye drops. Additionally,red eye is not permanent, it can be fine with some medical treatments in a week. But you still need to take good care of yourself.