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Bernadette Korey


Can eye strain cause permanent damage?

Is it a serious problem to suffer eye strain? Can i release my strained eyes if i get good rest? Or strain can cause permanent damage?
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  • Vanessa edward


    Hello, actually it is not a very serious problem in my opinion. It is just caused by long-time using of eyes, long-time using of eyes under bright lights and lack of sleep. You can release your strained eyes if you can give your eyes some rest when they are tired. It will not cause permanent damage to your eyes, but you'll need to pay attention to that and get your eyes enough rest. Good luck!
  • Jerry


    Eye strain is a very common and not serious problem. Causes of eye strain can be of various types, lack of rest, spending too much time watching TV and so forth. Once you suffer from eye strain, you would feel tired in the eye and difficult in focusing on objects. Yes, you can release your strained eyes by having a good rest when your eyes can get rest and stop working. Though eye strain is not so serious as other eye disease, it still can cause permanent damage to the eye given that they were not been properly dealt with. If left neglected, your fatigue eyes would be worse and worse till totally blind. So, take care of them.
  • Kaylee


    Long time use of eye will cause vision problems such as myopia, glaucoma, cataract etc. If you do not pay attention to the recovery, it will become the permanent damage. There are some useful suggestions for you to protect your eyes from the disease, please doing the follows. Relax your eyes at regular time. Make sure relax 10-15min after every 2 hours computer work or book reading. Look far, or take eye exercises or massages both ok. Moisten your eyes with eye blinking. If you work in a room with air conditioner, please prepare a cup of water near your desk to increase ambient humidity. The eyes muscles constantly with relax and contract; more exercises will enhance the blood circulation volume and metabolism around the eyes to relief the eyestrain. Take care of the nutrient balance with Calcium, protein taking, avoid food preference and control the sweet food quantity. These nutrient elements will protect your eyes and less sweet food will help the vitamin B1 remain. Finally, if you really get some eyes diseases which could not recover from above methods, so please go to doctor for the safety of your own health.