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Why Do Eyes Change Color With Mood ?

My sister told me that when I am angry, the color of my eye changes. She also told me not to be angry with her, because there will be something wrong with my health. Really? Is she just joking with me? Do you suffer from the same problem?
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  • b3autyqu33n22


    You are fine, don't worry. Our eyes will change color according to our mood. The hormones in our body and other stuffs will affect our body such as eyes or blood pressure when we get angry. But I think it is not a big problem. It will recover a few minutes later or when you are not angry any more.
  • Logan hall


    Your sister is just joking with you. There is nothing wrong when our eyes change color with mood. It is caused by the instinct reaction. It is just like the self defense reaction. It will not do great harm to our eyes. But if you are a bad temper guy, you may suffer other health problems.

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