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Does contacts make your eyesight worse

I just broke my glasses last week. I am going to buy a pair of contacts. But I am worried about those contacts will make my eyesight worse. Can you tell me will contacts make my eyesight worse?
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  • eeniemeenie005


    Dear friend, contacts may bring us some side effects such as dry eye or eye infections, but they are designed to help with our vision problems. They will affect your eyesight under the circumstance that you do not follow all the suggestions of the doctors or the instructions. So I think they are quite safe to our eyes.
  • Melanie smith


    I think contacts will not make your eyesight worse if you do not sleep in contacts. I am a current contacts user. I’d like to share some of my experiences with you. When we wear the contacts, our eyes may feel dry. We can use artificial tears to moisten our eyes for several times each day. And wash your hands with soaps before you wear your contacts, this can prevent from being infected by bacteria on our hands. If you are used to wear glasses, you can participate in the activities that hold by Firmoo to get a pair of free glasses. Even though it is a pair of free glasses, I heard that their glasses are with high standard of quality
  • Rebecca


    The act of wearing contact lenses does not make your vision deteriorate. Of course, there is general slow deterioration of vision with aging, but this also occurs in people who wear glasses (and even in those who don't!). Most of the problems with contact lenses that wearers experience arise when they are not worn properly or when they are not cleaned properly
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