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What is eye-hand coordination?

I want to know what eye-hand coordination is and how to improve eye-hand coordination? If there are some vision problems in a child, can he do this as well as other children?
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  • Jordan Brown


    I heard that eye hand coordination is a coordinated control of eye movement and hand movement. The processing is guided by visual input and then reaches and grasps along with the use of hands to guide the eyes. I think vision problem will not affect eye hand coordination. You can help your child with activities such as sporting performance, wooden blocks, music reading, copy-typing, computer gaming, and even tea-making.
  • Sue


    I think vision problems will not affect this kind of coordination. And I can tell you how to improve eye hand coordination. You need to prepare markers or colored pencils, and then draw pictures with your child. You can play online games or video games with your child. You can ask your child to put a jigsaw puzzle together. Or ask your child to pick up a baseball, softball bat volleyball according to your order.