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Why do my eyes water when i eat spicy food?

My eyes start tearing when i eat spicy food and i can't control it. Why? Is it normal?
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  • Larry S


    Yes, it's very normal for someone whose eyes water after they have ate the spicy food. When we have the spicy food, it becomes an eye irritant as a chemical. And it burns by the time when it reaches that area. Then it forces the eyes to water in attempt to wash away the chemical attacker. So we can say this is a very common thing which you should not worry about. And crying of tears is a defense mechanism your body uses to protect the eye and wash away the enemy attacker. The spicy food is just like dirt, sand, or tear gas. To relieve from it, you can drink more water or eat other foods which are not spicy.
  • Jose joyce


    When you eat spicy food, the irritating material will stimulate your taste sense. It may firstly stimulate your stomach. Then the throat may be got affected. And the tear glands will be affected, too. It may cause the tears in the eyes. It is normal to have tears and get red in the nose when eating spicy food. However, you'd better not eat spicy food often because you belong to the sensitive character.
  • emiliaenespanol


    Don't be worried, it is a normal thing. I love spicy food very much and I always feel like tearing when I eat spicy food. Most of us have runny nose and watery eyes when eating something hot, this is all because of the active component of chili peppers which is called capsaicin, and his is the triggering element that caused runny nose. Also because our mouth and nose and eyes are all connected, when we have something spicy, the capsaicin thing can also irritate the membranes of the eyes, causing tearing. The tears drain into the sinuses and run out the nose.