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How to treat irritated eyes after sleeping in contacts? Help!

My eyes are irritated after sleeping with contact lenses. How can i treat my eyes? Please help.
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  • Kaylee


    It appears that you are experiencing pain and discomfort from corneal and conjunctival irritations due to possible protein infiltrates or deposits from the contacts. This is the most common cause of such problem due to sleeping in the contacts, in addition to the noxious cornea nerve irritation due to prolonged oxygen deprivation of the cornea. Although then possibility of some cornea infection should be considered, especially if this fails to resolve promptly. The first step is to remove and discard those set of contacts, as they may contain infection. You need to wear your regular glasses, and not wear contact for at least 3-5 days while you treat the current episode. Before you see your eye doctor, I suggest that you start using anti-inflammatory/allergy over the counter drop (Zaditor) one drop into each 4 times daily. In addition, use preservative free tear drop (refresh Plus) one drop 4 times daily, at separate times from the Zaditor to avoid dilution. If not resolved significantly by tomorrow, then I suggest that you follow-up with your eye doctor for closer evaluation of the cornea and possibly start you on Lotemax, Alrex or Pred Forte along with a topical antibiotics, such as Vigamox, to clear any infection
  • chained_destiny


    It is very dangerous to wear the contact lenses while sleeping which may cause the corneal lack of oxygen. What's worse, you may feel difficult to open your eyes because of the dryness. You should better take them off as soon as possible. Then stop wearing them for a couple of days. During this time, you can use the eye drops to moisture the eyes. Eat more food with vitamine C to add water to the inner body. Please keep in mind that never wearing contact lenses any more during sleep which may to the worst degree make you be blind.
  • emptybot


    If you close your eyes, oxygen permeation rate will decrease, and if you wear the contacts while sleep, the contacts will let your eyes' oxygen permeation rate more than double. The cornea will get seriously hypoxia, so it's the irritating reason of your eyes. You must change this kind of wearing way of contacts. How to treat it? Firstly, please pick contacts up from your eyes, wash it carefully, and put it into the contacts lenses case for storage. Then let your eye relax for some time. If not serious, the symptom will disappear hour's later naturally. If not, it may be inflammation caused. You'd go to a doctor in this case. Check your contacts lenses before the next wearing, to make sure it has not cracked crazes on its surface. Never wearing contacts to sleep once again!
  • chocolateeeee


    There are man studies which have show that contact lens wearers are more likely than non-wearers to suffer from irritated eyes. And if you wear them to sleep, it's more likely to be irritated. As we know that the irritation comes from drying of the eye, rubbing of the lens against the eye, or reactions to the solutions used in lens care. Infection is usually painful, and may cause blurred vision and sensitivity to light. So if your eyes have been irritated, the first thing you should do is to go and see a doctor. Anyway, Prompt diagnosis and treatments are important.
  • Nikki Becken


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