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How to prevent eyes tearing when cutting an onion?

Is there any way help me stop tearing when i am cutting an onion? It is boring and painful. Help!
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  • eddy


    There are several ways for you to stop tearing when cutting an onion. The first easy way is to put the onion into the hot water for several minutes before the cutting. This way is really helpful. Or you can use the facial tissue to block into your nose. Because the stimulating smell irritates the tear gland through the nose nerve, you can stop this by doing from the nose. The above two ways can be mostly easy. Wish they are helpful for you.
  • gary


    When you are cutting onions, there is a volatile substance, so you often get weepy. Typically, the method used to prevent this case are as follows. Firstly, before cutting onions, you can make kitchen knife dip in cold water for a while, and then you will not suffer the volatile substances which stimulates tears. Secondly, cut the onion in half, soak the cold water and then cut, maybe it is ok. In addition, the onion volatile substances by nose stimulus the eyes. So long as you make your nose stuffer with tissue paper, you also can stop tearing. Of course, there are many methods to help you, but relatively more complex, so they are not put forward here.
  • Andrea warren


    Onion is a delicious food, however, it's not easy for people to cut it due to it would cause tearing. The sulphuric acid is not contained in onion itself, however, the onion does release this kind of gas. It would enter the air and cause natural tears in your eyes. Hence, there are a few ways to prevent this uncomfortable experience.Firstly, you can chill the onion for about 20 minutes before cutting that would cause less evaporation and less gas. Or you can cut the onion underwater to avoid the gas is released in the air to cause you tear. On the other side, you can utilize a sharp knife and cut quickly to reduce the amount of gas in the air and shorten the exposure time.

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