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Gregory A Meetze


Does playing video games too much make me blind?

I like playing video games very much. But my father told me playing too much will make my eyes go blind. Is that true? Why?
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  • ea4ever2end


    Actually, the possibility of this is very little. But if you keep on playing video games day and night with little rest, the strong light of screen may hurt your eyes which may let you get short sighted. What's worse, you may increase the prescription. Then the high prescription is the great possibility for the retinal detachment which may cause you to be blind. Thus, you should listen to your father and play video games at a regular pace.
  • charger101


    In a sense, it can be said to be this case, but playing video games just affect your eyes to a certain degree. Playing video games too much will easily make your eyes fatigued and also can cause myopia. Looking at the people around you, you can find that there are so many people have myopia. So to speak, if you are long-term unreasonable with the eyes, just like you said, playing video games, then you are dangerous. Therefore, you should be appropriate to protect your eyes, you can look for a drink or at a distance, or take a break, do something else and so on. If you really instant doing it like this ,I think you reduce your eyestrain.

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