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How to keep sweat out of eyes when cycling?

When I am cycling, i feel my sweat around my eyes. It is painful. How can get rid of that?
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  • evelyn12


    The best and natural way to get rid of swear around eyes when you doing exercise or sports, is to take a clean towel to be along with you. But pay attention not to stain the towel and keep it clean. Otherwise, it will be easy to get infection by some virus in your eyes from the outside environment. If not convenience, you can take a facial wet tissue accompany you, for it can be discarded after usage. If the swear get into your eyes already, use the clean water wash the eyes or adopt some eye drops, it will be feel better after while, no worries.
  • Melissa duncan


    It is really painful for the sweet to come into the eyes because of the stimulation from the acidity. Now there is the head band with cloth in the market which is especially designed for the people who go to the outdoor activities. You can put it around your forehead. When the sweet fells down, it may absorb it which will not flow into your eyes.
  • Warren


    Actually, this problem often occurs to people who like outdoor sports. And in this situation, I recommend something to you that will fix your problem. You can go and buy a sports head band, because a head band will take in excess sweat and prevent them from flowing down your faces, your eyes, which will make you extremely uncomfortable, even danger. So, go and find yourself a damn good head band and wear in when doing sports outside.

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