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How to reduce swollen eye from makeup?

My eyes are swollen. How can I do makeup to make my eyes look less swollen? Any suggestion?
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  • Arianna griffin


    Why your eyes are swollen? Crying, fatigue, or shot causes? Oh, please take care of your eyes. You know the best way to hide the swollen symptom will not be make up but take care. You know the skin in your eyes is very subtle, tender and sensitive, so it needs the care look after. Anyway, to solve your problem now is use a towel which soaked full of cool water then apply it to your eyes, doing massage around your eye socket and your temple as well as your eyebrow. You can make up, the blemish balm cream adopt around your eyes will be helpful in a short time. The skin care product must be the one without stimulation and natural. The real pure plant and no additives skin cream is packed in sterile tiny packages. You need to be prudent to choose the products.
  • Jean


    Your eyes are suffered swollen, mainly because the poor blood circulation. Therefore, you need to pay attention to this massage. Strongly recommend that you should not drink water two hours before bedtime. If you choose to use makeup to make you look better, you should notice that pink and red eye shadow for themselves can deepen significantly swollen eyes. Your best choice for makeup is gray or blue and purple to deep point. And you need to remove the make-up at night. Otherwise, your eyes will get worse.
  • Mackenzie rose


    Your eyes get swollen because you don't sleep well or drink too much water before sleep. There must be other reasons. Now you should use the eye shadow to make the eye surrounding parts not that turgid. You'd better choose the light colors of eye shadow. However, before you make up, you can use the hot cloth to cover on the eyes to release the swollen symptom. Then the role of making up may be effective.

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