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Mark Burns


Can makeup cause pink eye?

I just try to make up myself because i gonna to have a party. But it is difficult to make up my eyes. And i just make a mess of my eyes. After i wash them out, I find my eyes appear pink. Is that pink eyes?
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  • california_babi


    Definitely yes, pink eye is also called conjunctivitis, which is a common eye disorder, especially for people who always wear eye makeup. It is normally caused by infection or irritation of the conjunctiva. Many people can get eye infection from cosmetics due to the bacteria is built up in the makeup container. And you would place the makeup material on your eyelid that would increase the chance for an eye infection to get pink eye.
  • Benji


    As a matter of fact, frequent eye makeup will cause pink eyes, for eye makeup will make the areas around your eyes a breeding ground for bacteria and consequently lead to pink eye. But if you just do eye makeup every once in a while, it doesn't matter, and you can just ease your mind to make up your eyes. But while you are making up your eyes, try not to expose your eyes to cosmetics. Just be careful.

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