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Paige williams


Which one is better, contacts or glasses for studying on computer?

I have to study on the internet for a long time. I heard that computer screen will damage our eyesight. And I am a mild myopia. So I plan to buy a pair of glasses. Contacts or glasses? Which one is better?
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  • charger101


    Personally speaking, I prefer to glasses than contacts when studying on computer. I have heard that some contacts have some side effects on our eyes especially when we need to work in front of the computer for a long time. it will cause eye strain, dry eye and further damage our eyesight. So I suggest you to buy a pair of glasses and you can take them off when you feel tired.
  • Joshua arnold


    I think both contacts and glasses will cause some side effects on our eyes. Contacts may cause more problems, so I suggest not using contacts when studying on computer. But they are the necessities for those who have vision problems. If you study for a long time, you must have your eyes rested after each half an hour. You should eat more fruit because fruit are rich in vitamins which are good for our eyes
  • Victor Lee


    To prevent the radiation, you'd better choose glasses with anti-radiation and UV coatings. You can also wear contacts if your monitor have anti-radiation film. Personally I suggest you not to wear contacts because they will make your eyes dry if you wear them for a long time. And you'll be easily infected.
  • Rebecca


    If I have to choose one, as my opinion, I think glasses is better, since sitting in front of computer for a long time will make your eyes dry. Moreover, because the contact is directly connected with cornea,contact lenses can make the cornea can't contact with air, which will result in dry eyes.
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  • Snnhun


    Glasses are better. For looks i would choose contacts but contacts could damage your eyes even though there used for seeing, for example you can get red eyes, contacts could go under or over your eyes and might not be able to use that eye for life.