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Can pink eye cause a rash ?

I heard that pink eyes are caused by eye infection. So, i just want to know if it possible to further cause a rash?
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  • Zoe


    Yes, pink eye can cause eye skin rash. Pink eye is caused by bacterial or viral infection in conjunctiva. If the infection gets serious enough, it affects the skin around eyes and causes itchiness, discomfort and bumps or blisters. As a result, you are getting eye skin rashes. The other symptoms of eye rashes are redness, itchiness, burning sensation and sore.
  • b0w_d0wn_2_me


    Yes, pink eyes are usually caused by eye infection. It is possible to further cause a rash if the pink eyes are not treated well. You need to have the good rest at home when you have pink eyes. It is so important for you to stay at home for the contagious character of pink eyes. You may use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to treat your pink eyes.
  • Makayla raphael


    Pink eyes, whose another name is conjunctivitis, can be caused by many reasons, such as bacteria, viruses, allergies, trauma, and so on. Generally speaking, conjunctivitis, whose symptoms mainly present on the eyes, may not be able to cause rash. However,i if the conjunctivitis is caused by allergies, and the allergies happen to be able to impact other part of the body, then there can be a further infection such as rash. Therefore, it is important to find out the exact cause of conjunctivitis so as accordingly to make correspondent treatment to the eyes as well as prevention for other part of the human body.