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Can stress cause your eyes to bleed?

Is stress really bad to the eyes? Is it possible to cause bleed eyes?
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  • Katelyn


    Yes, stress is so bad for the eyes which may cause the bleed eyes because of the pressure at the eyes nerves. You need to relax yourself. You should not have much stress which could make your eyes not see clearly. You could use some eye drops to moisture the eyes. You could also do some warm compress to comfort the eyes. The most important thing is the good rest.
  • Cammie


    Stress can cause your eyes to bleed. There are blood vessels at the back of your eyeballs. Since the blood vessels are very vulnerable, high blood pressure will make them to break. The rupture of these vessels will cause small amount of bleeding in your eyes. This condition should be taken seriously, for it can lead to partial or complete blindness. Bleeding in eyes can be caused by diabetes retinopathy resulted from the weakening of the small blood vessels in the retina due to diabetes. Vitreous hemorrhage is another cause of bleeding in the back cavity of eyes. When people have vitreous hemorrhage, their vision will undergo a change in vision such as floating black dots, a red or dark strands, or cloud floating or stationary.
  • Isabel fergus


    Yea, stress is really bad to the eyes, which can result in blurred vision, central serous choroidopathy, eye twitching as well as nystagmus. It is possible to cause bleeding eyes, because when one is under great pressure, he is in a poor health and is liable to catch a cold so that he may sneeze or cough, then the pressure changes can result in small subconjunctival hemorrhages. But usually bleeding eye is caused by an injury to the eye, such as being hit in the eye with an object or being involved in a fight. In addition, small forces of trauma can lead to spontaneous eye bleeding, such as a severe coughing fit, vomiting, a violent sneezing, lifting weights or eye rubbing. You also need to watch out the serious causes, including cancer, severe irritation and inflammation of the iris and malformations of blood vessels in the eye.

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