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What does bleeding behind the eye mean ?

Is bleeding behind the eyes means serious hurt? What causes it? Is there any home remedy to treat it?
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  • Janice


    The fuse for the syptom can fall into two: one is the systemic lesion which mainly caused by diabetes, high blood pressure and immune system disease and so on. The other is local lesion which mainly caused by retinal vasculitis and retinal choroiditis lesions and other lesions about retina. I have to confess that I have no home remedy for that, what I can do here is to tell you some basic principles about the treatment. First of all, you need to have a good rest, avoid fierce exercises and mental stress. Besides, you have to control the level of your blood pressure and blood sugar . Second, laser therapy, fibrinolytic agents and anti-platelet aggregation are popular in mordern medicine, however, which is not satisfactory in vison recovering. Thirdly, you may take the sino-western therapy, which I strongly recommend you to do, is implemented by 4 steps: 1.Bleeding period: dispersing blood stasis 2.Blood stasis period: invigorate the circulation of blood 3.Absorption and machine period: promote the elimination of inter eczema 4. Fix the energy and blood by treating both appearance and nature. Of course, above is just a introduction, you need to do more consultation about the the therapy from traditional herbalist doctor. Hope that can help.
  • Kaylee tuener


    Yes, bleeding behind the eyes means serious hurt. It may be caused by the trauma or internal injury. You should better treat it carefully with several home remedies. First of all, you should have the good rest for the eyes. Then you need to use the warm compress to make your eyes get comfortable. The warm compress is such a good way for you to release the symptom of bleeding eyes.
  • emo_pain_818


    Bleeding behind the eye may indicate many things. Diabetic retinopathy can be the reason for bleeding eyes. Diabetes can weaken the small blood vessels in the retina, causing Diabetic retinopathy. In the early stage of Diabetic retinopathy (this stage is called Background retinopathy), small hemorrhages form in the retina and bleeding will happen with the progress of this condition. Vitreous hemorrhage can also be the cause for eye bleeding. When people have vitreous hemorrhage, the cavity in their eyes will bleed. In addition, bleeding eye can also mean retinal vein occlusion, artery occlusion and wet macular degeneration etc. Bleeding behind eye should be taken seriously. If you have this condition, you should immediately see an ophthalmologist to get proper and timely treatment.