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Do microwaves cause cataracts?

Can stare at microwaves when it work bad for eyes? Is it possible to cause cataracts?
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  • Gabriella


    Yes, staring at microwaves for a long time will be bad for your eyes which will be possible to cause cataracts because of radiation. You should not stare at the microwaves which is dangerous for your eyes. Once you get the cataracts, you need to take the medical treatment as soon as possible. You could also get the surgery to treat your cataracts. You could take this into consideration.
  • leigh sehr


    Yes, staring at microwaves is definitely very bad for your eyes. Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with very frequency which possess radiation. And the eyes are highly sensitive to the radiation, and directly staring at the microwaves can lead to cataracts. The radiation will cause degeneration and aging of the crystalline lenses, making more and more muddiness coming out there, thus people can not see clearly and get cataracts. Besides, there are much heat contained in the microwaves, which may make the eyes feel burning after staring. Therefore, do not stare at the microwaves directly, and if you have to stay where there are microwaves, you had better put on professional eyewear to protect your eyes.