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Does milk help eye swelling ?

I get a swelling eyes. What can i do to help my eyes? I know that milk is good for the eyes. Does it help reduce swelling eyes?
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  • smith


    Since you get the swelling eyes, you need to do something to release the eyes symptoms. Milk is good for the eyes which will make your eyes get moisture. However it will not reduce your swelling eyes. You could use the warm compress by finding the clean cloth and hot water to release the swelling eyes. It will be so effective and useful.
  • come__tomorrow


    To get rid of swelling eyes, you need to find out the underlying cause at first. If you get swelling eyes due to allergies, antihistamine eye drops, oral allergy medication, as well as artificial tears will help relieve the swell. If they are caused by infection such as conjunctivitis or ocular herpes, anti-viral or anti-inflammatory eye drops or ointment, or antibiotics function well. If your swelling eyes are not that serious, you can be apply cold and refrigerated used tea bags to your eyes to alleviate symptoms because tea has an astringent effect. Or rinse your face with cool water and pat dry. Ensure enough high quality sleep everyday and elevate your pillow when you sleep. Reduce your salt intake in your daily diet. You can apply cool towel with milk to your eyes to subside them. Do not wear contact lenses if you do. Do not rub your eyes, which can aggravate your condition.


    Yes, it does. Applying milk is a common home remedy for puffiness on eyes. Numerous previous cases have proven that milk can relieve and reduce puffy eyes. That's because milk can improve blood circulation of eye blood vessels and make the pigmentation around eyes lighter. It also soothes and relaxes the tension of the skin and blood vessels.