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Does milk help eyes after swimming?

Can milk do something good to eyes after swimming? How?
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  • walkingcaine


    Milk is abundant in proteins, calcisum, and water, drinking moderate amount of milk is to some extent to your eyes, because it can supplement water to your eyes, and the proteins and calcium therein are also necessary nutrients to the eyes. When people are swimming, it is quite easy for the human boby including the eyes to lose much water and consume energy. Milk will allow your eyes to get adequate nutritions after swimming. In addition, milk possesses the function of skin whitening, enhancing the immunity, as well as relieving pressure and fatigue. Swimming can sometimes make the eyes feel dry or fatigue, moderate amount of milk therefore can help reduce this kind of condition.
  • Isabel cook


    Yes, milk will do something good for eyes after swimming because of moisture role. At the same time, milk will be helpful for the body health. You should wear the swimming goggles during swimming which could protect your eyes from the water in the pool. After swimming, you could do the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable and moisture.

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