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What food can make your eyesight better ?

Is there any food that can make eyesight better? Can i improve my eyesight by eating some good eye supplements?
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  • vincent


    Yes, there are some foods that can make your eyesight get better. You need to take the food with vitamin A to improve the eyesight. Vitamin A is only found in animal foods such as animal liver, egg cream and cod liver oil. Plants contain carotene enter human body which can be converted into vitamin A in the liver. Vitamin A can promote growth and development, protection of night vision and can increase disease resistance and anti-cancer effect. Foods rich in vitamin A mainly include animal liver, fish, seafood, animal-based foods such as butter, eggs and salted hairtail silver carp, carp eel squid, clam cream milk and milk. You could take the above ones to improve your vision to some degree. At the same time, taking food with vitamin C may moisture your eyes and make your eyes get comfortable. You should keep the healthy diet to make your eyes see things better.
  • b1wdancer23


    You can take foods rich of vitamin A and vitamin C to provide eyes with necessary nutriment, making eyesight better. The best sources of vitamin A include livers, milk, eggs and vegetal foods like carrots, amaranth, spinaches, leek, green pepper and sweet potatoes. Also fruits containing carotene such as oranges, apricot and persimmon benefit eyes a lot. Foods containing rich vitamin C include different kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits, among which cucumber, cabbages, dates have high content. Calcium, which has an effect of relaxing the eyes, is also good to eyes. Foods rich of calcium are beans, shrimps and pork ribs. Foods rich of omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, tuna and other oily fish contribute to good eyes. If you cannot bear fish, try fish-oil supplements to help get your omega-3s. Apart from food, to get better eyesight, you need to look away from the computer and move your computer screen to just below eye level while staring at the computer.
  • Kimberly


    Yes, there are many foods which are good for eye health. Food high in lutein like spinach, broccoli and many green leafy vegetables can keep your eyes clear and prevent cataracts. Food rich in vitamin A like animal liver, fish, and carrots can prevent cataracts, night blindness and dry eyes. You can also take some vitamin A and C supplements to improve your eyesight.

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