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Is staying up late bad for your eyes?

I often read novel in middle of night. In recent days, my eyes often feel uncomfortable and watering eyes. Is this caused by staying up late?
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  • David garcia


    Yes, it is very bad for you to stay up late and read the novel in middle of night. You could find your eyes will get tired easily. At the same time, the dim light will damage your eyes nerves. You should better not do this often which may cause your eyes to get short sighted and other eyes problems. You need to have the good rest to cure the watery eyes. You could also do the warm compress to make your eyes release from this symptom.
  • Ronda


    Yea, staying up late is really bad for eyes. Herbalists think that liver which provides blood makes eyes see clearly. When you stay up late frequently, you consume your liver blood and are unable to reproduce it, as a result, your eyes may feel dry, painful and watering. What's more, if you read novel in middle of night in a dim light, you strain your eyes and make them fatigue. In addition to uncomfortable and watering eyes, you feel weary and cachexia because of staying up late. Meanwhile, your immunity decreases so that you are liable to catch a cold or gastrointestinal tract. Considering your health, you should pay attention your daily use of your eyes and relax regularly. Eat foods rich of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E such as livers, milk, eggs, carrots, spinaches, leek, sweet potatoes, oranges, apricot, cucumbers and cabbages. You can take food containing rich omega-3 fatty acids as well to supply your eyes with enough essential nutrients. Salmon, tuna and other oily fish help.
  • Gail


    Yes, your watery eyes and discomfort is caused by staying up late. Staying out late is really harmful to your eyes and your overall health. When there is a lack of enough sleep and rest for your eyes, the blood circulation around your eyes will be slowed down. As a result, you will suffer from eye pain, dark circles, eye bags, watery eyes and light sensitivity.