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Why my newborn have discharge and watery eyes?

Is it normal that my newborn baby has much eye discharge and her eyes are also very watery?
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  • Warren


    It sounds like pink eyes that may also develop to blocked tear ducts. To treat it, you can use a warm washcloth to massage her eyelid gently. And usually, their eye discharge is always yellow. If your massage can't decrease the eye discharge of your baby, you'd better seek a cure from a pediatrician. Just take your baby for an eye check.
  • walkwithmir


    It may be caused by conjunctivitis. This usually happens, not only in babies but also in adults. But when it happens to your baby, you had better be alert. At this time, you need to check your baby to see if he gets a fever. Babies are too young to express what make them feel uncomfortable and which part of their bodies hurt. While, there is also another situation that may suit your baby. Your baby probably get a blocked tear duct. If this is the true reason, then things will be much easier because this is really very common and it nearly happens to most of newborn babies.

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