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What is a safe place to buy Halloween contact lenses?

My friend almost lost her vision caused by the Halloween contacts she got in the high street last year. Now she wants to know what is a safe place to buy Halloween contact lenses?
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  • Cassidy campbell


    In my opinion, you'd better buy Halloween contact lenses from your doctor. Because you should go to see your doctor to have an eye exam before ordering Halloween contact lenses. In this way, you can know whether you are suitable for them and your prescription. Even if you get Halloween contact lenses which have no power in the lenses, you need to get them with a prescription. So the doctor will know what kind of Halloween contact lenses can suit you fine. That's why you can get Halloween contact lenses from your doctor's office safely.
  • elmo01


    There are so many places that offer Halloween contact lenses. But i never try because i hate Halloween contact lenses because some of them are horrible. But i heard that Coastal Contacts is a good site to get contact lenses including kinds of Halloween contact lenses. One of my friends have bought a pair colored contact lenses from there, it is good. So, you may have a try.
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