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Why do I always have red eyes in the morning?

Has anyone else experiences red eyes in the morning upon wakening? I have this problem for over 3 months. Should i be worried?
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  • Alexandria


    There are several factors that can make you get red eyes in the morning. Maybe the foreign body get into your eyes and cause irritation and redness in your eyes. Another factor is the eye fatigue or eye strain. When you don't have a good sleep, your may get eye fatigue or eye strain, which leads to your red eyes in the morning. If so, you don't have to worry about it, once you get enough sleep, the red eyes will go away itself.
  • Christina keith


    There are many reasons for red eyes such as allergies, infection, dry eyes and eye tired etc. If you have red eyes in the morning and last for over 3 months, your eyes may get infection with bacteria. So, you'd better visit an eye doctor to get your eyes checked to see what going on of your eyes. Just take measure immediately in case more serious disease for your eyes.


    Take it easy, perhaps it is just that you have a serious lack of sleep, or have overused your eyes often. So, I strongly recommend that you slightly change your habits and try to pay more attention to your eyes. Perhaps you can take some eye drop which is designed for your problem. If the situation doesn't get changed, you'd better visit a doctor in time.

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