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How should I diet after lasik surgery?

Are there foods that I am not suppose to eat after lasik surgery? What foods are beneficial for recovery?
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  • Benji


    The doctor will suggest the patients eat a balanced diet and a lot of fruits after lasik surgery. People who have lasik surgery should avoid foods like sugar, refined flour (Maida) and trans-fats (Vanaspati). They should limit the amount of fried food and coffee and cigarettes. Fresh vegetables and fruit are good for people who have lasik surgery. Roots and parsley and celery leaves are also beneficial for the eye health.
  • Ana evelyn


    To help you quickly recover from lasik surgery, your diet must be good for you eyes. Here are some tips: Eat more fresh vegetables and fruit Eat some citrus such as oranges, lemons and grapefruits, which contain rich vitamin C and antioxidants. And you shall avoid some food like sugar, refined flour, trans-fats as well as coffee and cigarettes etc.