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What are natural treatments for dry eyes?

I have dry eyes for several months and eye drops don't really help. What are some natural treatments for dry eyes?
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  • elstrider


    Well, as a matter of fact, I have the same symptom with you. Because I have trachoma for a long time and basic eye drops proved to be useless. So I suggest that you take regular breaks during work and study time. Drink more water and take more vegetables. Eye exercises can also relieve the symptom. Don't worry, things will be find as long as you pay attention to your eyes.
  • Christina nelson


    People with dry eyes may suffer burning, itching or irritation in the eyes, which make them feel quite uncomfortable. However, there are some natural treatment for dry eyes. When you get dry eyes, you should avoid rubbing your eyes, or it will make your dry eyes even worse. Blinking is a good way to deal with dry eyes, which can help keep your eyes moist, especially when you are reading, watching TV or playing a computer.
  • Vanessa edward


    To treat dry eye, you need to blink more often. Every time we blink, our eyelids will spread our tears over the eyes so as to keep them moist. Frequently blink eyes can moisturize and wash dust of our eyes that is essential to maintain eye health. Besides, you also use tea bags. Just place two bags of cold and wet tea bags on each of your eyes for about 10 minutes, it will be helpful to bring you a pair of clear and bright eyes.
  • Greg Dahlen


    For me what has helped is living on milk for eight years. I find when I eat solid food my eyes hurt. But when I live on cow milk, mostly nonfat, my eyes feel okay. So basically I live 90 or 100% on cow milk, mostly nonfat. For six years living on cow milk was sufficient to deal with my eye pain. Then about two years ago I found I was tired and I couldn't shake it. So I added going to daily Catholic Mass. And that has been sufficient, the combination of going to Mass and living on cow milk is enough to keep me reasonably healthy and my eyes feeling okay without drops. I can't exactly recommend living on milk because it hasn't been proven to be a safe diet by medical authorities. But it has worked wonderfully for me, and I don't think my body works too differently than other people's.

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