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Austin gerard


How do you think about Smith sunglasses?

i took a fancy on a particular model of Smith sunglasses but it cost more than $200. How do you think about Smith sunglasses? Are they worth it?
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  • Anthony cecil


    Smith sunglasses are of good quality and comfortable to wear. Though they are more expensive than regular sunglasses, they worth the money. If you have a rich budget, you can choose to wear Smith sunglasses. But the average people may not afford to buy such an expensive sunglasses with their low income. If you can afford to buy them, just go ahead to get it. If you can't afford to buy them, you can search cheap sunglasses online. There are many online optical stores offering cheap sunglasses with good quality.
  • Victor


    I think Smith sunglasses are more suitable for men. The simple designed sunglasses will look cool for men. And i have saw several pairs of Smith sunglasses online, i don't know which one you talk about. So, it is hard to tell. Anyway, i think they area little expensive. I saw some cheaper sunglasses online that looks even more stylish than Smith sunglasses. So, for me, Smith sunglasses are not attracting.

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